Upcoming transport links in Battersea
Have you ever wondered what it will be like to discover one of the most exciting and upcoming neighbourhoods in the world with creative initiatives? If this is you, then you’re in the right place.

Situated in central London with plans to transform into an ultra-modern, vibrant powerhouse is Battersea – the soon to be dreamland of so many. With all of the transformations and uniqueness in Battersea, a need to link the city with other parts of London is very important which is why several transportation options have been provided to ensure movements to and from Battersea is hassle-free.

With the whole new transportation innovations in this region, it has become an enviable hub for investors and is definitely on the radar as one of the best-connected developments in our world today.

Here is a brief guide to help you move to and from Battersea whether for pleasure or work;

  1. By Bus

Using a bus is one of the ways you can access this city –the 137 bus runs every 7mintues so residents can always use the bus. The 137 bus runs through the Sloane square stations from Queenstown Road station, or you can also avail yourself of the 344 bus heading to Vauxhall bus station from Macduff road.

  1. By helicopter

Isn’t it just good to know that with a helicopter you can effortlessly access Battersea? The Battersea heliport is ideal for luxury and business trips taking you around in style. Battersea residents with 15mins access to the heliport by chauffeur-driven cars or people who drive themselves can avail themselves of this option.

  1. By River Bus

If you are one for breezy travels, then you will definitely love this. Battersea residents are conveyed from Battersea to central London via the Battersea Power Station Pier River bus. With the new launch of the Thames Clippers, Battersea residents can now travel to Canary in as little as 40mins.

The iconic view and scenery will definitely intrigue you when using the river bus option.

  1. By London underground

This London underground option will be a desirable one for Battersea residents as two new zone 1 stations will be opening to further upgrade transportation links. Plans are being made towards the opening of underground tube stations at Battersea and Nine Elms by 2020 on the northern line extension.

The NLE extension will be really helpful in Battersea as it will provide high capacity transportation links for Battersea which is fast becoming London’s next upscale community.

  1. By Rail

With Battersea and Queenstown road railway station, accessing 4 of UK’s busiest transport hub will be a walk in the park. Residents from Battersea will now be able to access London cutting through tottenham and 41 stops with the help of the new Elizabeth line.

With the rail option, accessing waterloo, Clapham junction and Victoria will be a thing of minutes.

Battersea community of vibrancy and modern initiatives will be blooming in no time and will become a magnet for big investors and central business.